Best Free Tool for PDF Password Recovery

We all have been there, setting passwords to add security and somehow forgetting it later. Recovering any lost password is a time-consuming task, and sometimes it might seem impossible. But not if you have the right assistance to guide you.

If you have a pdf document with password protection and don’t know the PDF password recovery process, you’re in the right place. Here we will introduce you to the most convenient tool that can easily extract owner password from any protected document!

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Can You Recover Any Password from Locked PDF Files?

Use UnlockAnyPDF to Recover Your Password
Use UnlockAnyPDF to Recover Your Password

Yes, it’s possible to extract the password from a protected PDF file only if you have the right tool in hand. We know there are numerous sites and apps you can find on the internet that claims to remove all types of password protection from a pet file.

But what if you only want to extract the password without removing or bypassing it? Thanks to our advanced PDF password recovery web app ‘UnlockAnyPDF‘, extracting a PDF password is a piece of cake. Besides, this versatile software can fully remove passwords protecting PDF documents.

Among all the tools available for recovering passwords, UnlockAnyPDF is easily the most efficient and convenient one. Stick to us to know more about the uses and features of this tool.

How Much Does UnlockAnyPDF Cost?

The best part about our tool is that it won’t cost you a penny to recover your forgotten password from password-protected PDF files. What’s more, it is free to use that gives you lifetime free access to UnlockAnyPDF.

With our free PDF unlocker, you can unlock up to 250 passwords a day free of cost. Besides, you can recover or unlock multiple pages whenever you want. So, why waste money on those expensive tools when you have UnlockAnyPDF in hand?

Can UnlockAnyPDF Recover Password from Any PDF Format?

Recover Password From Any PDF Using UnlockAnyPDF

Yes, no matter the format, style, layout, or size of the PDF file, UnlockAnyPDF can easily recover any permissions password or user password. Thanks to the advanced AI technology to build the UnlockAnyPDF software, PDF password recovery will take only 5 minutes!

The process is also pretty simple — as all you have to do is putting the required information and the restricted PDF documents to start the recovery. We made this tool compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and smartphones (android and iOS) to meet the needs of every user.

From extracting PDF passwords to removing printing and copying restrictions, UnlockAnyPDF can do it all!

How Do You Recover PDF File Password with UnlockAnyPDF?

Our web app is built to serve many different purposes. You can recover the decrypted user password, remove pdf restrictions, download the PDF file, and edit or print it. Here’s how you can recover pdf file passwords —

Step 1: Go to UnlockAnyPDF Website

To open password of a protected PDF file, you can either download the UnlockAnyPDF app or visit our website. Go to the URL from a safe browser.

There you’ll see two blank fields to input your name and e-mail address. You must provide the correct information in the blank spaces as the PDF password and unlocked documents will be sent to your e-mail account.

Go to the URL
Provide your Name and Email

Step 2: Select a Password-Protected PDF File

Make sure to complete the CAPTCHA

Now it’s time for file selection. Click on the ‘Browse’ option under the e-mail space and choose the file location. Pick the PDF file you want to unlock and click on ‘Start Unlocking Process’. This will take you to a new page where you might have to pass through some Google securities.

Step 3: Pick One Unlocking Method for PDF Password Recovery

UnlockAnyPDF Options
UnlockAnyPDF Options

At this point, you need to be very specific about your choices. Here you have to choose whether you just want the recovered password or to remove the entire security.

Let’s go through the UnlockAnyPdf unlocking methods first.

1. Download the Unlocked PDF Files

Once you submit the PDF file, UnlockAnyPdf will offer you three different options to choose from. The first one is to download the PDF file without any permissions password.

Here, you don’t get to know the original password. Instead, the document open password is completely erased so that the PDF file is now open for reading, editing, or printing.

2. PDF Password Recovery

If you only want the correct password to open the PDF file, you need to choose this unlocking method. UnlockAnyPdf will decrypt the PDF password and send it to your e-mail. Hence, you can easily access the PDF file while the restrictions are still valid for other users.

3. Choose Both

There’s a final option for both password recovery and downloading the PDF document. The files will be zipped together so you can easily extract them on your device. Choose the ‘Both’ option if you want to unlock PDF without any restrictions while having the owner password in hand.

Make your choice to put the PDF for processing.

Step 4: Download the Text File

Download your file

If you have chosen the ‘Password Only’ option, UnlockAnyPDF will only recover the PDF password. Our system will send it to your e-mail account as a text file. Once the process is done, you can download the file and save it to your device.

No need to worry about the password or document contents. Our servers don’t save any sensitive data. All of them are erased after some time.

So that’s all you have to do for successful password recovery. In case you have any doubt about the efficiency or security of our services, you can visit the UnlockAnyPdf website to check out the reviews from our satisfied clients.

We guarantee to recover any PDF document password in only 5 minutes! So shrug off your doubts and try UnlockAnyPdf right away!

Final Words

Now you know the easiest PDF password recovery method. We understand it’s easy to forget passwords that you set to protect your PDF documents. And you don’t have the time to purchase an expensive tool or spend hours recovering the password. Hence, we recommend you use the UnlockAnyPdf software to easily decrypt the PDF password for free. Besides, our tool doesn’t require any time-consuming complicated steps. Fast, Free of cost, easy to use, and versatile — what else can you ask for?

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