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A PDF is a file format used to share documents, images, forms, etc. For as helpful as it is, many functions can be restricted with the use of PDF password protection. In that case, you won’t be able to view a file without the corresponding password. 

In this article, we will talk about some useful ways to remove an unknown password from a PDF document, as well as modify the permission details of the existing password. To know more on this topic, continue reading. 

You can find several solutions that can work to remove PDF passwords. Are they all worth going for? No! You must not trust every software or online portal you see on the web.

There are two types of PDF unlocking methods. 

With Password

This is where you have a permission password that you use to enter the file and then remove any encrypted protection using the likes of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Without Password

The other situation is where you eliminate an unknown password to extract an unlocked PDF file or the decrypted password with the help of online tools like UnlockAnyPdf.

How to Remove Password from PDF Using Google Chrome

Remove PDF Password Using Google Chrome
How to Remove PDF Password Using Google Chrome

First, let’s talk about some operative ways to undo PDF passwords. This method is for those who have a locked PDF but can’t recall the correct password.

If you have a password protected PDF document that offers encryption but allows printing, you can certainly use this process to extract the information from the secured file. 

Things you need to do on How to remove password from PDF:

  • Open the password protected PDF file on browsers such as google chrome. You will need a password to access the PDF file. 
  • Now, when the pdf is showing, go to the print option and click there. On browsers like Microsoft edge, there will be a ‘Microsoft print’ button on the pdf viewer toolbar.
  • As you press ‘print,’ you will be asked to set the destination of the output PDF document. Now, click ‘Save.’ The new PDF will be saved automatically in the new location. Now the file is accessible and won’t require a password for further access. 

Mac users can use the preview bar from the running pdf and go for the print option to save the new PDF file without a password.

Remove Password Protection From PDF Using Adobe

Remove PDF Password Using Adobe
How to Remove PDF Password Using Adobe

We guess you already know about Adobe Acrobat. It is a tool that helps to sign documents, view PDF, create new ones, print, and many other options. The good thing is that you can work on an encrypted PDF file and remove password protection. 

You must do the following to remove the password from a PDF:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat DC and visit files on the top left panel. From there, you must now open the secured PDF.
  • Use the security password to view the file. Now from the left side, locate the ‘lock icon.’ Then go to the ‘permission tab’ or ‘properties.’
  • Hover on the ‘security tab’ and select the ‘No Security‘ option and click ‘Ok.’ Adobe Acrobat will automatically remove password security. Now press ‘Save’ to store your new PDF file without any password restrictions.

How to Remove Password from PDF Using Web Tools

If everything fails to remove passwords from PDF documents, your last hope is to try out online tools. In fact, we believe it can be your ultimate tool to remove PDF password successfully. 

Unlike Adobe PDF editor, it is a direct platform where you put locked files and extract the decrypted documents for free. For your convenience, we have successfully developed an online portal that can provide you with an unlocked file in minutes. Check out UnlockAnyPdf to know more about the web app. 

Below you can see a step-by-step guide on how to use this tool.

Step 1: Go to The website

First up, you will need a password protected file, any device with a browser, and an internet connection. Now you have to enter the browser and search unlockanypdf.com. There you will see more details about the app and Upload options.

This is the website on how to remove password from PDF

Step 2: Upload The Password Protected Document

When you press ‘Upload your file’ on the homepage, you will be taken to another page seeking your name and email. Put your information correctly and then go to the ‘Choose file section.’ From there, you have to track the document and upload it to the web server by clicking ‘Start Unlocking.’

For security reasons and safe file transfer, the page will ask you to fill up a CAPTCHA. Once you’ve successfully done that, you will be eligible to download files.

Provide your Name and Email, then choose a file

Step 3: Select Output Method And Download Your File

When the PDF is processed, you will see a section where you must select unlock methods such as ‘PDF only,’ which helps you download the PDF without any password. You can pick ‘Password only’ to extract the decrypted password, stored in a txt file separately, or you can opt to download ‘Both’ in a zip file.

Select Output Mehtod

After deciding on what files to download, simply press the ‘Download’ button, and the file will be ready for use. This process is suitable for removing the unknown password and decrypting it. 

Your Done! Download Your PDF File

Reasons Why You Must Use UnlockAnyPdf

Why you should choose UnlockAnyPDF?
Why you should choose UnlockAnyPDF?
  • It is free to use
  • No software installation
  • Fast import and export
  • Protects sensitive information of users
  • Works on any device with a browser  


We hope this article on how to remove password from PDF helps those stuck dealing with a secured PDF or who might have forgotten the strong password they set for the PDF. 

If you have a permission password, then the ideal way is to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat and undo the security settings. You need to enter the password to view and edit according to your preference. 

For those who don’t have passwords to access the files, you must try the web tools to manipulate the PDFs. We assure you that there is nothing better than UnlockAnyPdf. Our web app ensures faster upload and delivery. It is free to use and works on all platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, etc.) with a browser. 

Don’t waste your time digging the web, searching for a PDF password remover when you have a functional one right here.

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