Forgot PDF Password? Remove it without Software Online

As we are advancing in terms of skills and presentation methods, the use of PDF has been skyrocketing every day. This format seems to be a reliable medium to carry all your writings and images, rather than hard copies.

As helpful as it is, pdf files can sometimes cause unnecessary trouble. A password-protected pdf document can be a hassle in the middle of work. In most cases, people tend to forget their passwords and start to panic.

We have come up with a free online tool that can remove password protection from any pdf. If you forgot PDF password, our website is able to help you recover the pdf document without any software. 

The Two Types of PDF Password

There are two types of password protection that can restrict access to a file. If you forgot PDF password, you will be stranded with a concealed pdf. Passwords that you are likely to fail to bring to mind:

Owner Permission

Pdf security can be improved using an owner password. This is how the encrypted pdf files are made visible but not editable or downloadable to others. If you have an owner-protected pdf, then it will be easier to decrypt the file.

It can be done without the help of software in a flash. Online tools can unlock such passwords at will. In this case, the UnlockAnyPdf site can work wonders for you.

User Password

This is a little critical because if you forgot PDF password, you won’t be able to view the file, let alone edit it. Decrypting user protection passwords might require you to install software, which can be time-consuming.

But don’t worry, if you forgot PDF password, we are here to give you a solution so that you don’t need any software installation. Try out the UnlockAnyPdf web tool. It is a fully upgraded and potent unlocker that also works on a user’s password-protected pdf file.

Forgot PDF Password? Here’s How to Unlock it Without Software

Forgot PDF Password? Here's how to remove it

Numerous online sites offer to unlock pdf files if you forgot PDF password, but not every page will work successfully. Some will ask you to install software, and some might have a lackluster decrypter.

Why waste time on those sites? Now you can upload, convert, retrieve and download pdf documents in seconds using the UnlockAnyPdf portal.

We have developed a site with all the newest upgrades and promise to work on both types of passwords, be it user or owner permission. If you are looking for a dynamic pdf encryption remover, this is it.

All you have to do is go to the PDF Password Removal App, place your name and email address, and press start. The whole process is described in the later part. Keep reading. 

How to Submit Your PDF to UnlockAnyPDF Site

As we said, cracking any user document open password can be a little tricky and take a lot of time depending on the strength of your security. Software is preferred for this tough task, but our online Pdf password remover web tool is effective enough for easy unlocking any password security.

The submission process is fairly simple and user-friendly. Before starting the unlocking process, you will need:

  • A laptop or a PC
  • The locked pdf file
  • Internet connection

Now follow the guideline below.

Step 1: Enter the Website

Go to our App that Removes PDF Password Online

Step 2: Look for Upload Option

When you are on the main site, there will be a highlighted ‘Upload Your File’ bar. Press, and you will be taken to a page where you need to put information and the main file.

Step 3: Enter Name and Email

This is where enlist your name on the name section and your email address on the corresponding tab. This process is vital because your converted files will be mailed to you.

Step 4: Time to Unlock Your Pdf

Right on the bottom of your name and email tab, there is a small option where it says ‘Choose file.’ Click on it, and then the new window should open an explorer tab where you can locate your pdf.

Hover over it and click to upload. Select if you want your PDF Unlocked or retrieve the Password as a text file and bingo! Give it some time; the webpage will automatically provide a download button when ready.

Downloading The Unlocked PDF Files

You’ve learned the basics of uploading your document and putting it up for processing. Now the web tool will automatically convert the files and let you download the finished product.  All you have to do is select one unlock method and get the files according to your preference. A structured process is mentioned in the next section for your convenience.

How You Would Like to Get the Files

You can either

  • Get unlocked pdf without the password
  • Just the password itself in the txt file
  • Both the files zipped together

Make your selection according to your preference, and your file will be ready for download. Click on the download button, and off you go.

Ready to Be Served

With the downloaded file in your folder, click on it and enjoy a restricted free life. The PDF is successfully unlocked and ready for viewing, editing, and whatever you plan to do with it.

Why Choose to Remove PDF Password Online Through Unlock Any PDF?

You will find many sites that can offer to crack pdf passwords, but UnlockAnyPdf is an exception. It has been widely used for its functionality and safety standards. Let’s see what makes it so special.

It Is Free

No purchase is required. You don’t need to install software either. Use the UnlockAnyPdf URL to remove password from pdf online for free of cost.

Fast And Effective

Software tools can be time-consuming, so trying out our portal can save you time and effort to remove any pdf password. It can remove pdf passwords in minutes.

We Value User Privacy

The files that you upload will be in safe hands. After you complete the download, we eliminate all the stored files from our servers. So if you are worried about a privacy breach, don’t be!


No matter what device you use, our site is functional through and through. Remove pdf passwords on Mac or Windows at will.


It works with all kinds of pdf files. No matter the size of the pdf and pages it includes. The conversion will always be smooth and precise.

Final Words

Passwords can be intricate and easily slip off your mind. It can be concerning when at work you just forgot PDF password, and you need to open it. To counter this issue, different online sites now offer password decryption.

Some websites work great, and some don’t. Unlike other online tools, is a fast and reliable web tool that can work on critical password protections. If you forgot the pdf password without software installation, we would solve this complication for you.

This website is made to remove pdf security with full-on user privacy. So use our site and salvage your locked files in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may still have doubts about the way our service works and if it’s safe to use it. Here you have the most common questions people ask.

How can I remove the PDF password from a website?

There are lots of websites that promise to give you back your documents, but not all of them work. Our service is 100% guaranteed, safe, fast, and free. You just need to upload the file you want to unlock and follow a few simple steps to get back your document.

What is the best way to remove a PDF password from a website?

If you are looking for a way to unlock your PDF file through a website, you better go to our homepage where you’ll find instantly the unlock option. No software is needed, no payment, and just in a few seconds, you’ll have your PDF unlocked.

Is there software online that can help me remove a PDF password from a website?

Yes, it is. Our web unlocking app is totally online, you won’t need to download any software and put your privacy at risk. Plus, it is completely free. So go to our homepage and start to unlock your PDF.

What can I do If I forgot PDF password?

There are a few things you can do if you forgot PDF password. You can try using a brute force attack to guess the password, or use a PDF password recovery tool, whether desktop or online, which can help you recover the file. The online version will help you without the necessity to install any software that can compromise your privacy and the security of your devices.

How can I reset my PDF password if I’ve forgotten it?

With our web unlocking service, you can decide if you want to unlock to complete the document or to get the password in a TXT file, so you can access it without removing the security settings, and with the chance to update them.

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